February 28, 2019

1.    Increased Confidence

Whether you’re a shy kid or someone that likes to be in the center of attention. Travelling the world will increase your confidence. Every day is a new adventure where you will meet new people, eat strange food, conquer perilous peaks and do a lot more crazy stuff. Travelling will develop your confidence in both yourself as in the ability to solve problems and in making new friends!

2.    Making New Friends

As I mentioned earlier, you will make a lot of new friends during your journey! A lot of newbie travellers are worried about traveling alone because they might feel lonely. But this is simply not the case. There are so many solo travellers and ways to meet new people! Traveling is kind of like speed-dating, except it is with friends and if you do not like them, you don’t have to see them again. If you like someone, you just simply head in the same direction!

3.    New Skills

You will learn a lot during your trip, also new skills. Whether it’s learning how to dive, or to drive a motorbike, practicing your Spanish with the locals, travelling offers plenty of opportunities for learning or improving skills. While I was travelling, I learned how to take decent pictures, how to pitch and write, but also how to make new friends and become a beer-pong master. I’m particularly proud of that last one..


4.    Appreciation

Travel make you appreciate the little things. If you are used to all the luxurious stuff back home, then sometimes travel can give you a big slap in the face. You should notice that it is not always fun while travelling. Sometimes things go wrong and do not go as planned. But you will also see a lot of cultural differences, meet the world’s poorest people and see how they are happy with a simple existence. Suddenly, material stuff and first-world problems, such as charging your phone, do not seem like a big deal anymore. Travelling taught me to not worry too much about what other people think of me and take joy in the little things that happen to us every day.

5.    Awareness

While on the road, you will find out a lot more about how the world really works. When you delve into a country, meet with its people and get a first-hand view of what is actually going on. You become more aware of how the world really works. Nowadays, Social-Media keeps us up-to-date about what is happing in the world. If you travel, you will find out that a lot of things said on Social-Media is simply not true, or extremely overweened. So once you face it with your own eyes, you will notice how much awareness it brings to you.

6.    Self Development

A lot of people have no idea who or what they want to be. So did I.. And believe me, I am still figuring it out now, but it’s going pretty well. Thanks to travelling I developed myself a lot as a person. I became a kinder, more patient individual who is willing to give a lot more then I used to do. If you tell this to another traveller, then there is a big change he/she will say the same thing. During travelling your social skills develop much faster and give you a ton of opportunities to reinvent yourself.

7.    Falling in Love

You will not have to look far for love, or lust when you are on the road. While travelling, romantic connections are at its highest. And contradict me if I am wrong, but there is nothing quite like holding the hand of a new lover, whilst watching the sun rise up over the ocean and hearing the jungle behind you come to life as the lights of the upcoming sun start to dance on the sand. So don’t be surprised when you come across a lot of couples during your journey or might become one yourself.. During this amazing time in your life, it is the best moment to let down your guard and let someone in. Travellers look out for each other, we are kind of like a tribe and on the road, away from social media and all that other crap, people are more honest with each other.

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