January 28, 2019

One Night...

when I was in Bali, I matched this Dutch girl on Tinder. We were a match but I didn't talk much to her. Later that night, me and my friends went to a party when suddenly a girl stops in front of me and asks; "Hey! Aren't you Higor??" I was so drunk that I didn't recognize her at first... So I told her, with my drunk face, "who the f are you?!" She told me her name was Puck and that we were a match on Tinder.. That was the moment when I recognized her! So we started to talk for a bit and had a good time. Unfortunately, I had to go to another party. But that did not stop me to send her a drunk message with the question if she wanted to go to the Philippines with me.. I thought, what does it matter, I have nothing to lose, right? Aaaand luckily she said 'Yes' ;-)

So.. the next day when I woke up, still a little drunk, I booked a flight for 2 persons to Manilla for the next weekend. I knew the risk was quite great since I didn't even know her and maybe I won't even like her..

The last week in Bali we traveled together and got to know each other better. This week we had a lot of fun and we became closer. Eventually, we did everything together! We slept together, ate together, traveled together, you name it... So after that week, we went to the Philippines and it was amazing! We spend another month traveling and I really started to like this girl..

But then...

One day we went to a party, together again, but I decided to go to bed early that night because I was tired and we supposed to go surfing the next day at 7 am. So I went to my room, which was separate from Puck's since the hostel was fully booked unfortunately..

The next morning I got up early for our surfing class and walked to her room to wake her up. Once I arrived at her room, I noticed she wasn't there and started to worry a little bit. I went looking for her and after a while, I noticed a person lying in a bed, next to another guy, with exactly the same hair and feet... I think you can fill in the rest...

I felt disgusting! That day I went surfing alone and didn't want to think about it too much. Once I got back I told her it was not cool what she did. Even though we weren't a couple, it is disrespectful to do that right? Imagine, we have been traveling together for 5 weeks and did everything together! I became angry and wanted to travel alone further. Instead of that, we talked about it and I forgave her because I didn't want to sacrifice our trip, on which we were actually having a ton of fun.

The next day...

We went to a party again. A new party, a new chance for her right? Well.. Not so much. Within 2 hours she started kissing the same boy, right in front of me!! That is where I lost my mind and decided to travel alone from that moment on. This was a hard, but good decision for me! The only downside of it was that after 5 days of travelling together, we had booked seats already, on the same flight, right next to each other!! You can imagine how awkward this was.

We barely spoke on the plane and when we arrived in Malasia, goodbye was the only thing I said to her and I went my own way.
But to make this story a little bit more awkward, this happens..
I decided to go out of the city and visit a national park, some kilometers away. I stopped a taxi to take me there and guess who joins me in the same taxi, with the same destination..

Oh man, I couldn't believe she had the nerves to join me in the taxi, but she did! This was the most uncomfortable taxi ride I have ever had and probably will have in my entire life. 

I got out of the cab, didn't say anything to her and I never spoke to her or saw her again. (Luckily) 

Thank you all for taking the time to read my story. I hope this will come of use later when you're travelling yourself and you see a beautiful girl (or guy) walking around..

Higor (22).

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