December 17, 2018


My trip to Hongkong and Macau was my 1st international trip, I was super excited to experience the culture, new things, and an authentic Cantonese cuisine.

In Macau, I saw a ton of casinos, for the first time in my life. I was completely unaware of how the casinos worked and all the rules and such. As I entered the doors, I saw a lot of tables hosting different types of games. There were vending machines, card games, and much more. I was attracted towards it and thought of giving it a shot with a small bet, small enough that even if I lose I wouldn’t be bothered much.
I picked a Roulette table as it appeared to be the simplest of all. I pulled out a 100 dollar bill, handed it to the host and told him to bet 20 dollars. Meanwhile, I was planning which number should I choose.. I was shocked though, as he deposited all 100 dollars instead. Baffled for a second,  “I said 20?!”. He was acting cool and said, “we don’t give change here at the table”. I asked him why he didn’t mention it before, he told me to choose a number.
Oh my god, the game which I picked to enjoy and was very casual about now turned out to be a serious affair for me. I was nervous, since the odds were definitely not in my favour. With a lot of hesitation I chose number “7”. He spun the wheel, the ball started rotating and simultaneously my heart started pounding. It kept on rotating for a few seconds, it seemed as if it will never stop. I was constantly praying and hoping to get at least some of my money back.
It was still rotating and rotating..

It slowed down, almost about to stop and eventually it did, on the number adjacent to number 7. I went nuts and was regretting this casino-thing, but.. after a second thegood ball shifted to the next slot. It was number “7”.
I couldn’t believe it… I was so happy and was thanking God for it. To add to my happiness I got three times my bet back! ,i.e, 300 dollars!

The entire night went by, with us winning and losing. Early morning when I left I had exactly the same amount of money with which I entered. It was an amazing experience, I played many games and had a lot of fun. I really learned to control myself. Now, whenever I visit a casino, I just keep a small amount on my side to enjoy a few games, no matter I lose or I win. 

From that day forward, I have never missed a chance of playing in a casino, since we don’t have them where I am from. Obviously, I am happier if I win, but the focus is just on enjoyment. I advise you the same, do not become greedy in case you win.

Cheers and thank you for taking the time to read my story!         

Ps. While submitting this story to Mixtrey I found out that I should have gotten 3600$ instead of 300.. That was quite the bummer you can imagine.

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