November 19, 2018

Welcome, Bem Vindo, Wilkommen. We are happy you're here at Traveller's Tales!
Here we'll try to post stories from 'everyday travellers' as often as possible.
We figured that we could keep uploading and posting stories and pictures of our own, but that wouldn't be as much fun as when our community itself can be
put in the spotlight to share their very own special adventures.

So if you know someone that had a crazy experience while discovering the world, please send this message to him/her.
If you ARE one of those people, and you'd like to be featured, please send your story (preferably 0,5 - 1 page with 1/2 pictures) to
This could be anything, from a lesson you've learned to just something you found really strange or special and made you realize you weren't at home anymore.

We wish you a ton of fun while reading other people's stories, hope it will inspire you to travel or to write about your travels
and let's get this ball rolling!

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